Repair kit for heater dampers Cruze, Orlando

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Repair kits are always in stock, as well as kits for reinforcing the levers of the shutters of the Cruze, Orlando plexiglass stove with fasteners. Available according to your individual requirements. Delivery by Russian Post to any country.

Heater damper repair is possible in three ways:

  • Without removing and disassembling the heater (window cut for access to broken traction)
    You can get this way only up to one thrust both from the driver’s side and from the passenger side. Nevertheless, all 4 repair rods are supplied.
  • Reinforcement of the new heater housing
  • When repairing with a complete replacement of the heater housing with a new one, before installing the traction, the traction is amplified by a set of 4 amplifiers.
  • Complete repair with dismantling the heater
  • If total repair of all the heater damper levers is planned, you can’t do without removing the heater housing.
    In this case, it is necessary to stock up on a complete repair kit, which consists of 4 repair levers + 4 amplifiers, before starting repairs.
    Thus, after the heater is disassembled, the broken rods are repaired, the survivors are strengthened.

Material (optional):

  • Plexiglass (acrylic)
    Thickness 3mm, 6mm. Acrylic glass has a high resistance to deformation and is not subject to destruction even after prolonged exposure to the environment.
  • Wood
  • Thickness 3mm, 6mm. Glued birch plywood, impregnated with a protective composition that gives additional strength. It is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, does not crack.
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